roxtarrr (roxtarrr) wrote in overheardinto,

jordin sparks is for white girls.

i took my little cousin to see the jonas brothers on sunday and jordin sparks opened.
i was on the bus on the way home and someone who had obviously also just left the concert was having a conversation about jordin sparks over the phone.

so i only heard her side of the conversation.

"oh. jordin sparks was singing but i didn't know it was her. i didn't even know it was her until the end and she sang that 'no air' song. she's so different now, eh! honestly, i didn't know until i asked some white girl that was singing along. remember she used to be more urban?! she had the song with chris brown and she was urban but now she's so different. now she sings songs for white girls. i don't like it!"
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