sully from the block (ex_sully200) wrote in overheardinto,
sully from the block

Save balloon boy!

Guy 1: (about the boy set adrift in a weather balloon) Wait, why wasn't this kid in school?
Guy 2: Because he was in a fucking balloon. Duh.

-- King & Bay, waiting for an eastbound streetcar, 5:45 PM
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bahahah good one.
LOL! I missed all this drama because I was at work. I had to read all about it on twitter on my way home. I kept laughing out loud on the bus :(
My office stopped dead for at least an hour while we watched CNN in one of the Vice President's offices. Apparently nothing brings a company together like a boy (allegedly) trapped in a helium balloon!
I work in a kitchen, so my only line to the outside world is when I can sneak away and read twitter on my phone. Everyone I work with is so oblivious to what's going on in the world. I mentioned balloon boy to people today and they looked at me funny :(

The only thing I miss about office work was staying informed.
That's what I wondered too, why wasn't the little snot at school?